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Here at South Austin Barber Shop, our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality of hair care combined with an authentic barber shop experience they can count on every single time. We strike a unique balance between traditional barbering and modern haircutting techniques in the heart of South Austin.

You will only find licensed BARBERS in our shop. They all learned how to cut MEN'S hair from day one, have many years of experience, are highly skilled and very passionate about their work. 

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From Belton Texas through Texas A&M University and Beevelle Barber School, Dru has made it a a point to live life to its fullest. As a young man, he was off to an impressive start as he achieved the prestigious rank of Eagle Scout. Dru enjoys a wide variety of interests that center around music, acting, business, entrepreneurship and of course being a professional barber. Dru has a diversified skill set which includes, but is not limited to: straight razor work, design, fades, color and shear cuts. Along with an awesome haircut, Dru can introduce you to his very own successful line of hair products. Check out his haircuts and hair products at and @FaymousFades

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Ricky Hernandez was born in Dallas Tx but has spent the last 21 years in Des Moines Iowa. With Texas pulling at his heart strings he has made his way to Austin with barber license in tow.  It was clear from the beginning that Ricky was going to fit right in with the talent level here at South Austin Barber Shop. Ricky's love for barbering centers around the client. He loves getting to know them and seeing how their confidence level increases when the haircut is finished. And if you give Ricky a chance to get his creative juices flowing, you won't be disappointed! Free time is spent at the gym doing Muay Thai training or on the road traveling. Book an online appointment with Ricky Hernandez and you'll be getting a proven talent within the Austin barbering community.



While serving almost 5 years in the U.S. Army, Antonio Clark gained a love for barbering. He would volunteer his services to soldiers who were more than happy to let him hone his hair cutting skills. From the Army it was straight to the Labarbaria Hair Institute in Cleveland, Ohio, to obtain his official barber license. After researching the barber shop scene in Austin, Antonio found his way to South Austin Barber Shop. It didn’t take us long to realize the extraordinary skill level that had just walked through our door. It is obvious Antonio’s talent level makes him confident cutting all styles, lengths and textures of hair.  Antonio loves what he does and every aspect of the barbering profession. We invite you to see what all the fuss is about and book an appointment with Mr. Antonio Clark.   



Ramon Tavarez Jr. (Kiko) is a product of Success School LLC Barber College in downtown Chicago. There are some barbers who are what we call a "natural" - Kiko is a prime example. With four years of professional barbering experience, he could easily be mistaken for someone with many many more. No career compares to being a barber in Kiko's mind. He respects the profession and loves every aspect of it. One of the driving forces that makes him consistently go the extra mile, is the look of a satisfied customer. His confidence level is sky high - for a good reason. If you can describe your desired cut or have a picture - Kiko can and will make it happen!



Troy Strowd knows Austin like the back of his hand or the top of your head! Born and raised in the capital city, Troy feels right at home here in South Austin. You will feel right at home as well when you experience Troys hair cutting ability and knowledge. One of the simple pleasures of barbering for Troy is witnessing the transformation and satisfaction that comes with a fresh haircut. Troy also loves it when you ask him for ideas to go along with yours. Rest assured he will have some, and my bet is you will like them. Whether it’s your tried and true favorite cut or something new, Troy will make it happen. @troy_strowd_barber



For Tim Beard, being a professional barber is not just a job. Being a barber is his lifestyle, his passion, and simply who he is. With over 9 years of barbering experience, it is really the only line of work he has ever been in, and would want it no other way. Specializing in all men’s hair styles, hair textures, as well as precise detailed straight razor work, Tim is the man who will get the desired result you are looking for.



Zeus Montelongo is another product from Austin’s own Roffler’s School of hair. This 12-year veteran has seen and done it all when it comes to the world of barbering. Everything about his demeanor and hair cutting ability screams the word “professionalism”. Zeus loves barbering because every single day it allows him to make his clients look and feel great. One of his favorite specialties is the “total transformation” client service. Zeus’ favorite pastime is spending time with his three sons. You will find him and his family enjoying wildlife parks, sporting events and working on their land. We are extremely pleased to have Mr. Zeus Montelongo on board and I would strongly recommend you take advantage of this extraordinary talent.

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For Matthew Wandersee being a barber seemed to be the natural career choice. His grandfather Robert Wandersee started South Austin Barber Shop within months of Matt being born. Right away it will be evident that Matt loves the family shop, and there is some of grandpa's talent running through his veins. With all that natural talent, plus seven years experience, he's got you covered on just the haircut you've always wanted. See for yourself why we are so excited to have Matt available for our clients and to carry on his family name here at South Austin Barber Shop.



Robert Dorantes is a native Texan and graduate of Modern Barber College in Houston. It will be clear right from the start you are in good hands as Robert's intuition makes him quick to understand your intended look. Robert specializes in the businessman's cut and is right out front when it comes to all the latest styles and trends. Please note that Robert hasn't ever gotten around to gaining experience with textured hair such as African Americans have.  In addition to being a highly skilled Master Barber, Robert has a passion for music and is the leader of a three-time Grammy nominated band. Family comes first with Robert and that is where most of his time is spent when the clippers aren't running or the trumpet isn't playing. Robert's easy demeanor and awesome abilities will soon make you one of his many regulars.



Dorian Layssard knew he was destined to become a barber after cutting his first head of hair at the age of 15. A few decades later and with thousands of cuts under his belt Dorian finds himself among the ranks of Master Barbers. Dorians skill level knows no boundaries so feel free to get in his chair with whatever desired style you have in mind. You will notice he cuts with a light touch and rhythmic pattern that will leave you refreshed and rejuvenated.

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Charles (Buster) Woodard has been a centerpiece at South Austin Barber Shop for many years during which time he has developed a very loyal following. If you are in need of a businessman’s haircut or a traditional taper cut, then Buster would be the man for you. He has perfected these haircuts to a science. And if you're 65 years or older, you're in luck because all of Buster's expertise will only cost you $15! If your schedule can get you to South Austin Barber Shop on Thursday or Friday, we would highly recommend that you trust Buster with your next haircut. You will be glad you did.




Shining shoes is not a career many people choose. However, to Ricky, shining shoes is very rewarding! He enjoys meeting people from various walks of life, all going in different directions with their day. It also offers an opportunity for Ricky to put others before himself by literally being at their feet providing a service. A real slice of heaven for Ricky is the look of surprise and satisfaction on a customer's face after he has brought new life to their pair of shoes. We're really grateful to have Ricky on our team here at South Austin Barber Shop and suggest you give yourself and your shoes a break by trying him out. Ricky and/or his son will give you a professional shine for $6. 

Availability: Monday, from 8:30AM to 10:30AM

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Cancellation Policy: You will be allowed to cancel your appointment up to 2 hours before the start time. Cancellations less than 2 hours before the start time or not showing for your appointment will result in being charged full price for the scheduled service.

We will make every effort to be on time for your appointment and would appreciate you doing the same.

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